Job Vacancies at Sri Lankan Telecom PLC

Expired !    Closing Date: 2019/08/07

Applications are invited for the following vacancies in the Sri Lankan Telecom PLC .

  • Marketing & Sales Officer
  • Digital Technology Officer (IT)
  • Digital Telecommunication Technical Officer
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Junior Digital Marketing Manager
  • Legal Officer
  • Accountant, Finance Manager, Manager (Audit)
  • Engineer, Data Analyst
  • Group Chief Internal Auditor (GCIA)


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Closing Date : 07-08-2019

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24 thoughts on “Job Vacancies at Sri Lankan Telecom PLC

    Vimukthi wajira sampath

    (October 12, 2019 - 7:31 pm)

    Pass ol exam…al had maths subject…


      (October 26, 2019 - 6:12 am)

      passed o/l and A/l both..B pass for english..good in english….plz send me a vacancy

      Hirushan sandagiri

      (December 26, 2019 - 1:29 am)

      I passed o/l exam and A/l exam I did maths subject for A/l

        S J S L Siriwardhana

        (January 5, 2020 - 11:53 am)

        I am diploma holder in electrical & electronic engineering in HND Galle Labuduwa(SLIATE).I have completed..I passed o/l & A/L and find a suitable job..

    Tharindi poornima

    (November 12, 2019 - 11:25 am)

    I am graduate of bachelor of Laws LLB degree ( london ) and find a suitable job

      Rashmi Diwyanjaleei

      (December 4, 2019 - 7:15 pm)

      I Passed o/l exam and A/L exam.I did commerce subject for A/L.

        Galuge Hansika Maduvanthi Frenando

        (February 29, 2020 - 10:16 am)

        I am passed al exam commerce stream

    Supuni Supulsara

    (December 17, 2019 - 9:52 am)

    I have passed o/l exam and I did biology for A/l i got simple pass for chemistry


    (December 28, 2019 - 7:42 am)

    I passed o/l exam and a/l exam …


      (December 30, 2019 - 9:58 pm)

      I passed o\l exam with 7A s and 2C s(2C for english and IT) but my a\l resuls not fair .it is CSF (biology ,chemistry,physics)…what kind of jobs i can do ?

    Heshan pranith

    (January 9, 2020 - 9:52 pm)

    I passed o/l & a/l
    I have a o/l mathas B pass
    I have o/l it & Git a Passes
    I did arts for a/l exam (subject – ict-s, media -s ,geography-s, English -s)
    What kind of jobs i can do??

    Nawodya madhushani

    (January 10, 2020 - 8:07 am)



      (January 13, 2020 - 10:20 pm)

      I passed o/l with A7 & B2
      l passed a/l in physical science stream with CCS. S for chemistry.
      Now i’m following cima certificate level


    (January 14, 2020 - 6:55 am)

    I had passed my o/l exam with 8 subjects and I passed a/l exam with 3credit passed and 1 s.what kind of jobs I can do ?


    (January 17, 2020 - 11:42 am)

    I passed o/l exam a and a/l exam

    Roshana dushantha

    (January 17, 2020 - 12:08 pm)

    I did my Al commerce stream ,i had two( c )pass and one( s) pass. what kind of jobs i can do ?

    Roshana dushantha

    (January 17, 2020 - 12:10 pm)

    I did my Al commerce stream ,i had two( c )pass and one( s) pass. what kind of jobs i can do ?

    Gihan theekshana

    (January 22, 2020 - 3:08 pm)

    I did my A/L in physical science stream and my results are B C C.( B- chemistry,C-combined maths,C-physics.)
    What kind of job I can do?

      Nimeshika madushani

      (February 17, 2020 - 7:06 am)

      I passed o/l exam in and a/lExam passed result B B C (B-Sinhala ,B- dancing,C- buddihts)what kind of job I can do??

    nisal vitharana

    (February 18, 2020 - 1:53 pm)

    I passed AL exam commerce subject what kind of job i can do?

      Kasunthara Wijesiri

      (February 29, 2020 - 10:16 am)

      I passed o/l and A/l exam for commerce stream. My results are BBC. I followed IABF course.What kind of job I can do?

    Imashi pabodha

    (February 21, 2020 - 3:56 pm)

    I passed o/l exam in and a/l exam passed commerce.what kind of job can do?

    Sandun isara

    (April 28, 2020 - 11:33 am)

    Passed o/L exam in and A/L exam job can me


    (May 19, 2020 - 7:48 pm)

    I have done Bsc in university of sri Jayawardenepura and done electronic engineering (Meng) degree in University of the West of England.

    Seeking for a job in Electronics Engineerin

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